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Bethany’s story as a church begins 100 years ago.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Early 1900s: Our story begins around 1900, when settlers in the newly incorporated City of Ballard start a mission to the local Native Americans.
  • 1916: Bethany Baptist Church forms at 61st & 20th Streets in Ballard
  • 1956: Becomes non-denominational Bethany Assembly
  • 1957: John and Ione McCullough begin 37 years of ministry at Bethany
  • 1960: Church draws many students from SPU and UW
  • 1969: Moves to the current location at North 80th and Stone Ave.
  • 1971: Name changes to Bethany Community Church
  • 1980: Building across the street purchased; becomes the Christian Education Building
  • 1995: Richard and Donna Dahlstrom begin ministry in December
  • 2005: Regular attendance outgrows Chapel Building
  • 2008: First Sunday in the new Sanctuary on Stone Avenue
  • 2010: Official launch of Bethany North and Bethany West Seattle
  • 2012: 20•20 Vision sets the stage for congregations across Seattle
  • 2014: Official launch of Bethany Northeast and Bethany Eastside
  • 2015: Official launch of Bethany Ballard; Richard and Donna Dahlstrom celebrate 20 years of ministry at Bethany
  • 2016: Demolition of the CE Building, construction begins on the new Community Life Center



Vision 20•20

Centennial Stories: Jim McClurg

Jim started attending Bethany as a college student in the 1960s. He's seen God's provision through a variety of lenses as a volunteer and on staff.

Centennial Stories: Bob Niskanen

Bob would prefer we stop talking about the process of hiring Pastor Richard in the 1990s, but the story of God's provision and timing is too good!

Centennial Stories: Ken & Irene Edgar

Ken and Irene have served as missionaries all over the world. They've called Bethany "home" for more than 40 years.

Centennial Stories: Marilyn Martinsen

Marilyn's quick to describe herself as the longest-attending member of Bethany Community Church, but not necessarily the oldest.