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Community during covid-19

God is on the move. God is calling His people to pray to Him. For such a time as this, we feel compelled to do just that. If you are feeling weary, confused, alone, upset, inspired, anxious—or any other feeling—we encourage you to join us on this mission.

Virtual Prayer Groups 

Below is a list of Prayer Leaders who are committed to lead these Zoom Prayer Groups. We encourage you to join at LEAST ONE per week. We also desire for this to be a space to invite others into this virtual community. This is a safe space to ask for prayer. In fact, you wouldn’t even have to speak. You can anonymously input your request in the chat and you will be prayed for. Even if you can’t join the whole hour, please come and make your requests known. Your heart and desires matter and we want to be a church that honors that.

Here is a Zoom Basics guide designed to help you navigate this online platform.



Monthly / 8pm / ZOOM 
Contact Andrew Parkins for more info

 For questions or additional support during this time, reach out to Pastor Travis Fletcher, Megan Krantz, or Stephanie Parkins.

It's great to be together on Sundays. We worship, we say hello to friends, we experience the joy of a community where Jesus is on the move. The challenge of Sundays is that depth is hard to come by. Sure, we can get drawn into a conversation that gets a little deeper, but eventually, we're heading for the exits, back out into the world, into our jobs, our families, our neighborhoods. 

The community we experience on Sundays doesn't have to end there. That's why we have Small Groups. Micro-expressions of our larger church family, meeting together in each other's homes, growing together, finding a depth and richness we can't find anywhere else. That's what groups are all about. Life together in Jesus happens in our Small Groups.

Our hope at Bethany is that everyone finds their place in a group. Think of each group like a dinner table with lots of seating. We want you to find your seat at the table and be able to enjoy laughter, friendship, and great conversation.  For more information about Eastside Small Groups, contact us!

Grateful to be on the journey with you,
-Pastor Travis

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